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🎨 Customize Fab Feedback Button

Open the Fab Feedback Button app and click on the Design tab to customize your button. To activate the Feedback Button click on the Publish or Save button.

Navigate to the Popup tab to set up your feedback pop-up. Switch on/off popup sections and see the preview in real-time. 

In the left side panel, there are popup settings divided into 5 steps.

Step 1. Rating and Branding. 

Here you can upload your logo if needed, change color scheme, edit copy of the title, choose emoji or stars. 
💡 Don’t forget to save each time you’ve made changes by clicking on the Save button.

Step 2. Category.

On this step you can change copy for the Category dropdown and edit dropdown list options.

Step 3. Review.

On this step you can change copy for the Review input field.

Step 4. Links.

On this step you can change copy under the popup and add some helpful links.

Step 5. Thank you.

On this step you can change copy on the ‘thank you’ state of the popup. You can also add input field to collect  email addresses.

Translate or change the copy in the Translation tab.
💡 Don’t forget to save each time you’ve made changes by clicking on the Save button.

📱Mobile Layout

Each setting can be adopted for mobile. Switch the toggle to Mobile View and set up your button and popup.

💡 Please note that Desktop settings are mirrored on Mobile, but Mobile are not mirrored on Desktop. We suggest to set up the app for desktop and then make changes for mobile if needed.

📊 Statistics Dashboard

All reviews left on your websites will appear on the Statistics tab. Here you can find information such as: reviews, browser info, users’ email addresses if left, review left from web or mobile, average users rating and customer satisfaction level.

🤑 Pricing Plans

To change your Pricing Plan click on the Change Plan button.

To unlock hidden functionality you will need to upgrade your plan. To change your plan you can also click on the Lock icon on the hidden functionality.

Choose plan that works best for your store.

Rate Fab Feedback Button

We value feedback! It helps us make our product better and keeps us energized. Let us know how we’re doing.

Drop us a line at [email protected] if you have any improvement suggestions. We are constantly working on making our app better ❤️

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