💬 How to Install Fab Infinite Marquee App

Learn how to install and activate the Fab Infinite Marquee on your Shopify Store.
1. How to Install Fab Infinite Marquee via Shopify App Store
2. How to Activate Fab Infinite Marquee Widget (only for Shopify theme 2.0 and newer)
3. Select a display position
4. Troubleshooting

1. ✅ Install Fab Infinite Marquee via Shopify App Store

To install the app on Shopify, find Fab Infinite Marquee in the Shopify App Store and click on the Add app button to download the app to your Shopify store.

Select the Install app button on the page that follows. That will transfer you to the Fab Infinite Marquee panel where you can customize your marquee.

All done. Fab Infinite Marquee is installed!

2. ✅ Activate Fab Infinite Marquee Widget (only for Shopify theme 2.0 and newer)

If you are using Shopify theme 2.0, after installing the Fab Infinite Marquee, you need to activate the widget. On the Installation tab you’ll see green Activate Widget button, click on the button.
You will be redirected to App embeds page where you need to turn on widget and press save button.

3. ✅ Select a display position

You can choose Custom placement (place marquee anywhere on your online store), Top bar (pushes down the rest of the page) and Top bar sticky (pushes down the rest of the page).

👉 Custom Placement for 2.0 Themes.
You can drag & drop marquee using theme app block. Learn more in the video.
Important! For the second marquee add code to custom liquid section.

👉 Custom Placement for older Themes.

Copy and place code in your theme liquid file. Learn more in the video.

4. 🕵️Troubleshooting

We have prepared a solution for common problems.

👉 If you see an issue with the browser cookies alert.
If you open an app and see the error message about problems with browser cookies it is because you need to allow cookies in the settings of your browser.

To solve it you can try switching to another browser or unblocking cookies in the browser you use (for us helped turn off and on the setting and clear the browser cache). You can find more details on how to do it in this thread and this thread

👉 If you want to make marquee full-width but have padding on the sides.

If you paste code in a Custom Liquid section of your theme – marquee should be full-width by default.

If you add a marquee with an app section – make sure that the setting “Make section margins the same as theme” is off, then press Save button. After that, you will get a full-width marquee.

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